Your questions about AppWatch. Answered by us.
What is AppWatch
AppWatch is a cloud based mobile application security scanning platform helping users to identify security issues/vulnerabilities in mobile apps.
Whom is AppWatch meant for?
AppWatch is meant for Developers, Managers, Anyone in an organisations with mobile apps, Security Companies, MDM/BYOD Vendors and Application Marketplaces.
I'm not a technical person. Can I use AppWatch?
Most of the users who use AppWatch are not developers or security engineers. Infact, even journalists use AppWatch.

There is no technical skillset needed to scan an application or to understand the security issues in a given mobile application using AppWatch.
I am a developer. How do I use it to secure my apps?
If you're a developer, you can scan your developer build of the application by manually uploading the APK and figuring out the security issues in it.

Once the security issues have been identified, go through the report to understand how to fix those security issues. Repeat the process till your app is completely secure.
Is it trustworthy?
AppWatch is built by Attify - a mobile security firm based which has an excellent track record so far. We don't store any application on our servers after the scan.

Each of the users are given an individual sandbox which can't be accessed from any other sandbox. All user information is secured and private.
How much time does it take for a scan to complete?
For most of the applications, it takes less than 10 minutes. In case of a really big application, it might take a bit more.
Do I need to pay to use AppWatch?
Yes. For every scan 20 credits is needed.
Can I consult Attify for additional consultation or helping our developers fix the bugs?
Yes, you can. We love our users and work with them if needed to help them secure their application. Depending on the scenario, we can have a manual analysis of the application or chat with the developers. You can always have a free Skype call with us to get more info.
How to scan an app?
Login to AppWatch. Enter your app name (if you want to fetch it from PlayStore) and Click on Scan. Wasn't it easy?
How do I add more credits to my account?
Click on your username in the Top Right corner of the webpage. Go to Manage Payments. Here, you'll have an option to add credits via Paypal.