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Mobile Security Assessment platform - Scan and Secure your Mobile apps
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AppWatch in SDLC

Get AppWatch integrated into your Software Development process and stop worrying about security issues in your apps.
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Integrate AppWatch with tools and services you use, and make the experience much more awesome.
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Access using API

Use AppWatch's API to write your own automated scripts or integrations.
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AppWatch Overview

Some features of
AppWatch - Mobile Application Security Scanning Platform
In-Depth Security
Static Analysis
Behavourial Analysis
Secure Data

Complete Scan of Mobile App

AppWatch scans the Mobile application for over 50 different checks for identifying all possible vulnerabilities.

3rd party library/SDK scanning

In case of any 3rd party Library or Ad SDK being used in the application, AppWatch identifies and analyzes it as well.

Zero False Positive

Each of the identified security issues is verified again with different techniques to ensure 0% false positive

Custom Report Generation

With the new AppWatch, you can generate custom reports with modified descriptions,logo, comments etc. (in beta testing).

Static Code Analysis

Once you start the scan, AppWatch decompiles the application and performs a full static and code analysis of the application.

Hardcoded sensitive values

AppWatch also identifies sensitive values hardcoded inside the application such as API Keys, URLs and IPs, passwords, which might pose as a security risk.

Webview based vulnerabilities

AppWatch is able to scan apps using Webview and identify security issues with the Webview implementation and how it is being used within the application

Insecure Data Schemes

For the apps using variosu data schemes, AppWatch is able to identify the schemes along with the possible security vulnerabilities attached with them.

Dynamic Analysis

AppWatch does a complete Dynamic Analysis of the application by running the app in a virtual device in the cloud and analyze app's behaviour.

Insecure Data Storage

Insecure File Permissions of any file being created by the application or Sensitive values in the file, AppWatch identifies them all.

Network Based vulnerabilities

While running the app in the virtual device, AppWatch analyzes the network activity of the app and figures out the security issues in the network communication.

Insecure Android IPC

AppWatch also identifies vulnerabilities in various Android components such as Activities, Content Providers, Services etc. while analyzing the app.