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Get a quick tour of AppWatch and understand How to Secure your Mobile Applications from being hacked.

One Click App Scan

AppWatch provides you with the simplicity of scanning your mobile apps with just one click. Just type in your app name, and it will fetch it from the App Store and start the scan. Can it get more simpler?

We even have a Chrome Extension, so that you can put scans on applications from the Google Play website itself Have a look .

Scan your first app

Integrable with Anything and everything

We know how much you love working with other tools. So, we made AppWatch integrable with almost anything, just for you.

Get scan results in Slack, or add an identified vulnerability as a task in Asana or even open a Jira issue, we have got everything covered. Need more? Let us know.

Check out the API documentation

Built by the Experts

Built by the experts in Mobile Security, AppWatch is a state of the art tool for identifying vulnerability in Mobile Apps.

The creators of AppWatch are well known security researchers in Mobile security, presented in international conferences like BlackHat, authored books, written research papers and taught over 1000+ developers all over the world on securing mobile apps.

Complete In-Depth Security Analysis

We understand the importance of security for you. Thus we have created the most reliable and most effecient, mobile application security scanning platform - AppWatch for you.

It identifies all the vulnerabilities, classifies them and generates a detailed report for both you and your developers. It's so efficient, that it identified a serious vulnerability in Vine App by Twitter in less than 5 mins.

  • Static Source Code Analysis.
  • Behavourial and Dynamic Analysis
  • Network Traffic Inspection
  • Vulnerability in 3rd party libraries
  • Can be Automated and integrated
  • Detailed Vulnerability Reporting
  • No Source Code Needed
  • Zero percent false positives

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What other security experts think about AppWatch

AppWatch is one and only tool which I found to be really effective for my mobile application security needs.

Rushikesh Nandedkar, Pentester

AppWatch is fast, easy to use and finds static and dynamic security bugs with pin point precision. No wonder this tool has become part of my mobile pentesting arsenal now.

Dinesh Shetty, Mobile Security Engineer